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How to submit claims and review coverage with My Canada Life at Work – Canada Life

Find out how to submit a claim and review your benefits with My Canada Life at Work. Get started at www.mycanadalifeatwork.com

Video transcript:

Description: This video uses footage of a plan member and the My Canada Life at Work website to show how you can use your benefits plan.
Narrator: With My Canada Life at Work, it’s easy to submit a claim and review your benefits.
Description: A young woman sits in front of a laptop in her kitchen.
Narrator: First, sign in to mycanadalifeatwork.com
Description: Cut to the “Sign in” page of the My Canada Life at Work website displayed on a laptop screen. The camera zooms into the screen as the plan number’s email and password are entered in the form fields. A cursor enters the frame and the “Sign in” button is clicked.
Narrator: and click “Make a claim.”
Description: The dashboard is shown. The cursor selects the “Make a claim” button. The “Make a claim” page is shown then the “Start a claim” button is clicked.
Narrator: Next, choose who the claim is for.
Description: A dropdown menu shows a list of family members. The cursor selects the first member then clicks “Continue”.
Narrator: You can submit most health, dental, vision and drug claims online.
Description: The plan member selects the claim type and health professional.
Narrator: Tell us who provided the service
Description: The cursor moves over the text fields to fill in the name, phone number and postal code of the provider.
Narrator: And add any additional claim information if applicable.
Description: They answer a list of “Yes” or “No” medical questions.
Narrator: Enter the expense details
Description: The date and type of service, length of visit and amount charged are entered.
Narrator: Attach receipts and supporting documents
Description: A receipt is attached then “Continue” is selected.
Narrator: and confirm and submit your claim.
Description: A confirmation page is shown and “Submit claim” is selected. The claim is successfully submitted.
Narrator: For some claims,
Description: Cut back to the “Select claim type” page.
Narrator: you’ll need to download and complete a form,
Description: The “Estimates and other claims” dropdown is opened and “PDF claim form” is clicked. The “Download and complete a claim form” page is shown and the claim type is chosen. A modal window opens and a PDF claim form appears.
Narrator: then submit it electronically along with your receipts and supporting documents.
Description: The plan member’s information is entered into the form. They return to the page and the form is attached.
Narrator: Once we’ve processed your claim,
Description: Two questions are answered and the “Submit” button is clicked.
Narrator: we’ll let you know by email or text.
Description: Cut to the woman sitting on her bed with a laptop in front of her. A notification enters the frame that reads: “SMS” and “New message from Canada Life.” She grabs her phone out of frame to check the message.
Narrator: If you’d like to review your benefits coverage, select “Benefits,” then “Coverage and balances.”
Description: Cut back to the dashboard. The cursor clicks “Benefits” in the main menu then "Coverage and balances."
Narrator: Here you can see a plan summary.
Description: The member selects “Health.” A summary of health benefits is shown, including the deductible, payable information, plan maximum and frequency.
Narrator: Select “Balances” to see how much coverage you’ve used and how much you have left.
Description: The “Balances” tab is clicked then a coverage type. The used and remaining balances are displayed.
Narrator: Manage your benefits quickly and easily with My Canada Life at Work.
Description: The camera zooms out to display the My Canada Life at Work dashboard on a laptop and phone.
Narrator: To get started, go to mycanadalifeatwork.com or download the My Canada Life at Work app.
Description: Words “Go to mycanadalifeatwork.com or download the My Canada Life at Work app.” appear with Canada Life logo and legal lines: Canada Life and design and My Canada Life at Work are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. mycanadalifeatwork.com 1-800-957-9777