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Remote access with VideojetConnect(TM) Remote Service
The 1860 printer with optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service delivers on-board remote service capability.
Instant access to the world’s largest network of CIJ experts at the touch of a finger. Bring the technician directly to the line to aid troubleshooting and remote printer recovery. No other printer delivers help faster to ensure you make the right decisions when needed.

Smart printing made simple!
The new SIMPLICiTY Interface™ greatly reduces operator printer interactions, helping to eliminate potential user errors through an intuitive, tablet inspired, 10” touchscreen interface. And with optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service, the power of the largest technical support team in the world is available to you at the touch of a button.

Wizards - Guiding you every step of the way
Built-in wizards allow you to customize your interface to help ensure that your operators only see the options they need. Error-proofing rules help define editable fields, permissible data types, date range restrictions and more, greatly reducing printer interactions and potential user errors.

SmartCellTM Maintenance made simple
Simplify routine maintenance with three color coded. Easy to replace components that can be changed in just minutes with Videojet SmartCell™ technology.
On-screen alerts provide advance notification, allowing maintenance to be performed in line with your production schedules.

Unique nozzle design
The unique design means a cleaner start and print with longer runs over wide ranges of changing production conditions. The enhanced Dynamic Calibration™ gives you independent viscosity monitoring and control, removing the need to wait for the system to get up to temperature before starting your print job.
Watch this video to know how can your CIJ printer can be troubleshooted throuh Remote Service without bringing the technician to your facility.