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What is participating life insurance? – Canada Life

Strong, flexible and built on a foundation of guarantees, participating life insurance gives you lifelong protection and value you can access for cash.

View the video transcript:

Narrator: How would you feel if you had insurance protection for your whole life?
Description: A couple stands together, the woman is pregnant. A line protects them like a roof.Disclaimer appears: “As long as you make required insurance payments.”
Narrator: Now what if your insurance protection also had value that you could access for cash?
Description: The line moves downward and catches them, like a hammock. Disclaimer appears: “As long as your money remains in the policy, within legislative limits.”
Narrator: That’s exactly what you get with participating life insurance.
Description: Text “Participating Life Insurance appears.” A shield is drawn around the text.
Narrator: It’s protection that’s built on a foundation of guarantees.
Description: A line enters into frame.
Narrator: Starting with guaranteed premiums that won’t change.
Description: A block with the text “Guaranteed premiums” builds into frame.
Narrator: Name a charity or loved one for the death benefit – whomever you want – so money is available when they may need it most.
Description: First block is bumped up by another block with the text “Guaranteed death benefit.”Disclaimer appears: “You may have to pay taxes on funds withdrawn or borrowed from your policy. In addition, any withdrawals or loans will decrease the size of your death benefit.”
Narrator: Plus, your policy’s cash value is guaranteed to grow over time with tax advantages.
But that’s not all.
Description: Second block is bumped up by another block with the text “Guaranteed cash value.”
Narrator: We pool money that you, and every other participating life insurance policyowner, pay and put it into a separate account.
Description: Cut to stack of coins. More stacks slide into account. Money is moved out of smaller account into a larger one. Stacks of bills and coins slide in.
Narrator: That money is professionally managed and used to pay for the expenses, taxes, insurance claims and other items.
Description: Some money falls out of larger account into a box that reads text “Expenses, taxes, insurance claims and other items.”
Narrator: If the account performs better than we initially expected, you may get a dividend.
Description: Some money falls again into a box that reads “Dividend.” Disclaimer appears: “Dividends aren’t guaranteed.”
Narrator: And, you decide what happens to your dividends – take them as cash,
Description: Hand reaches into box and pulls out a few bills.
Narrator: buy more insurance
Description: An insurance policy comes out of the box, like a printer
Narrator: or pay for your existing coverage.
Description: Policy is circled as paid.
Narrator: It’s strong, it’s flexible and it’s there when you may need it most.
Description: Cut to couple again, time has passed, they watch their child is swinging on a tree swing.
Narrator: That’s participating life insurance.
Description: Text “Talk to your advisor today” appears with Canada Life logo and legal.