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How to register for your benefits plan with My Canada Life at Work – Canada Life

Get step-by-step instructions on how to register for My Canada Life at Work. Get started at www.mycanadalifeatwork.com

Video transcript:

Description: This video uses footage of a plan member and the My Canada Life at Work website to show how to register for your benefits.
Narrator: Registering for My Canada Life at Work takes just a few minutes.
Description: A man sits on a couch while typing on his laptop in the living room.
Narrator: Go to mycanadalifeatwork.com
Description: Cut to the “Sign in” page of the My Canada Life at Work website displayed on a laptop screen.
Narrator: And click “Register.”
Description: The camera zooms into the screen as a cursor enters the frame and selects the “Register” button.
Narrator: Then select “Benefits” to manage your health and dental plan.
Description: The “Register” page is shown and the “Select” button is clicked underneath the “Benefits” section.
Narrator: Enter your plan and member numbers you received from your plan administrator, then choose “Next.”
Description: The plan number and member numbers are entered in the form fields. The “Next” button is clicked.
Narrator: Now enter your first and last name as they appear in your enrolment package.
Description: The “Account registration” page is shown. A progress bar with “Step 1 of 4” appears. The members’ first and last names are entered in the “Personal information” section.
Narrator: Next, you’ll add your personal email address and a password you’ll always use to sign in.
Description: Under “Sign in details,” the member’s email address and password are entered. They confirm their password then click “Register.”
Narrator: We’ll email you to make sure we got it right.
Description: Cut back to the man in his living room, browsing on his phone. A notification enters the frame with a mail icon that reads: “New message” and “Welcome to Canada Life.”
Narrator: After you confirm, you can sign in and complete your account setup.
Description: Cut to a confirmation page. The member signs in using their email address and password. They click “Sign in.”
Narrator: So we can verify your identity, enter a few more of your personal details, then click “Next.”
Description: The page returns to the account registration process. “Step 3 of 4” is displayed. The member scrolls down to the “Verify your identity” section and enters their birthdate, first name, last name and postal code. The “Next” button is clicked.
Narrator: Finally, to keep your account extra safe, you can use two-step verification.
Description: The progress bar advances to “Step 4 of 4.” The member is prompted to turn on two-step verification. A radio button beside “Yes” is clicked.
Narrator: If you do, we’ll send you a five-digit code every time you sign in or change your password.
Description: The camera zooms out to display the page on a laptop. A phone enters the frame with a new notification: “New message from Canada Life.”
Narrator: That’s it.
Description: The My Canada Life at Work dashboard appears on the laptop and phone.
Narrator: Now you’re ready to use My Canada Life at Work for your benefits plan.
Description: Cut back to the man in his living room, smiling as he uses his phone to navigate the website.
Narrator: Go to mycanadalifeatwork.com to get started.
Description: Words “Go to mycanadalifeatwork.com to get started.” appear with Canada Life logo and legal lines: Canada Life and design and My Canada Life at Work are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. mycanadalifeatwork.com 1-800-957-9777