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Consumer Trends: How COVID-19 Changed the Game for Brands

Hello! Welcome to Around the World with SGK. Each session includes a short introduction from various global speakers, as well as a short video outro to share additional content from our teams around the world. Enjoy!

2020 was a game-changer for us all. Phillip Hwang, Strategy Director, SGK Australia, Rich Gearing, Sr. Associate Consultant, and Lisa Hastings, Global Creative Director talk about consumer trends as well as some of the major shifts people and organizations alike have experienced during the pandemic.

We’ll break down three key macros trends from around the world: sustainability, community, and wellbeing. The common thread? Awareness. ​

Please join us!

Philip Hwang, SGK, Strategy Director, Australia
Lisa Hastings, SGK, Global Creative Director
Richard Gearing, SGK, Senior Associate Consultant