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The Check-less Future of Insurance Claims

CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. (CCC) is a leading SaaS platform for the multi-trillion-dollar P&C insurance economy powering operations for insurers, repairers, automakers, part suppliers, lenders, and more. CCC cloud technology connects more than 30,000 businesses digitizing mission-critical workflows, commerce, and customer experiences.

CCC is digitizing the P&C insurance economy including automating payments, and the processes around payments, to help close claims faster. By offering multiple embedded payment methods into its automated claims workflows, the result is reduced cycle times from days to minutes and faster payment receipt. This isn’t just saving time, money and resources for insurers, it’s drastically improving the policyholder experience. CCC’s claims payment solution is helping to simplify payment administration, making it easier for insurers to focus on their strengths – providing the best P&C coverage and customer experiences to their policyholders.

For more information about CCC Payments, visit:

- CCC® Payments (https://cccis.com/insurance-carriers/payments/)
- Insurance Carriers (https://cccis.com/insurance-carriers/)
- CCC Intelligent Solutions (https://cccis.com/)