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Game Plan for Success: Mastering the Federal IT Landscape in Q4 and Scoring Big in FY24

Discover the latest facts and figures that shape the federal IT landscape in Q4. Then, we'll look ahead and explore the key IT trends and drivers that will have a significant impact on opportunities in FY24.

The TD SYNNEX Public Sector Market Insights team will take a deep dive into:

FY23 Q4 Overview:
• Federal Fiscal Year 2023-Q4 Facts and Figures
• Important Factors Shaping IT Procurement in Federal Fiscal Year 2023-Q4
• Agency Spending Levels and Procurement Priorities

FY24 Preview:
• Key Trends and Drivers Impacting Federal Fiscal Year 2024 Opportunities
• Requested IT Budgets by Agency
• Procurement Priorities by Technology Domain