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Measure what Matters for Business Agility

Business Agility sets new performance standards for organizations, requiring fast, effective responses to emerging business opportunities. This mandates changes to what we measure, how we measure, and what to do with the data we receive. To support this goal, we have refactored, refined, and extended our approach to metrics into three measurement domains, Outcomes, Flow, and Competency.

In this Session, SAFe Fellow Andrew Sales will present this new, comprehensive measurement model and describe how it can be successfully applied at every level of a SAFe Enterprise. Matthew Haubrich, Head of Data Science at Comparative Agility, will describe the work that has been done to update and improve, the SAFe Business Agility Assessment and SAI Product Owner Michelle Jimenez will share some significant updates that are underway to connect growth opportunities to this data.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

How to define specific metrics within each domain for measuring teams, ARTs, Solution Trains and entire SAFe Portfolios
How to use the insights generated to support better decision-making and help to identify opportunities for improvement
How to apply common success patterns for effective measurement, along with pitfalls to be aware of