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The Art of Living - How to keep going when the going gets tough - Claire Chidley & Joanne Budden

In this video, we’re joined by Claire Chidley, Solace Associate & Resilience Expert and Joanne Budden, People, Culture, Employee Wellbeing & Internal Comms Service Manager at Epping Forest District Council for ‘The Art of Living: How to keep going when the going gets tough’.

This session focuses on understanding personal resilience and how to bounce back quickly when you are knocked off balance. It will also take a holistic look at how to keep mind, body and emotions in balance and offer strategies for keeping spirits high in times of uncertainty and rapid change.

Definitions of resilience are considered, as well as where you are on the resilience spectrum, what causes you to lose resilience and some strategies for avoiding those pitfalls. Finally, listen out for some tips on how to maintain your energy, strength, and spirit despite what comes your way.