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Rethinking Adaptive Design: Popping with Pringles Around the World

See how re-thinking adaptive design helped Pringles successfully roll-out a new solution globally. The seamless integration of the design and production teams was critical to achieving strategic and creative goals for the brand as well as meeting technical requirements. It allowed for continuity in brand stewardship and avoided short-term executional myopia. We’ll highlight thinking globally while acting locally as well.

Rachel Johnson, SGK, Commercial VP
James Millburn, SGK, Client Director
Mark Lloyd, SGK, Executive Creative Director
Jeffery Tan, SGK, Account Director
Neil Cowan, Kellogg's, NA Design Director, Global lead
David Booth, Kellogg's, Design Manager, Europe
Shoko Itakura, Kellogg's, Design and Commercial Operations Manager, AMEA