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GAJT Anti-Jam Solutions | NovAtel Defense Solutions

NovAtel®'s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT®) is available, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), in versions suitable for land, sea, fixed installations, and smaller platforms such as UAVs. Military vehicles and platforms, networks and timing infrastructure can all benefit from the protection that GAJT gives.

GAJT® is a null-forming antenna system which ensures satellite signals necessary to compute position and time are always available. There is no need to replace the GPS receiver that's already installed, as GAJT works with civil and military type receivers and is ready for M-Code.

GAJT® provides anti-jam performance comparable to much larger systems, but at a significantly lower cost. It is easily integrated into new platforms or can be retrofitted with the existing GPS receivers and navigation systems on existing and legacy military fleets.

NovAtel®'s lean manufacturing techniques and our approach to quality mean that we can ramp up quickly to meet volume requirements, and reliability is assured by NovAtel's industry-best low return rate.