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See how Premium Google Patents Search & Compare Texts Automatically Searches and Scores Sentences

Focus on your most likely relevant Patent search results: Our Premium Search & Compare tools identify and highlight the most relevant sentences in your search results based on your specific keywords and their importance in your query text description.

Understand quickly: Forget skimming entire documents. We automatically extract keyword sentences that express ideas similar to those in your search text, saving you precious time.

More than just keywords: We score sentences with more than just extracted confidence values. You may also add Synonyms and related “Concept phrases” into our Keyword Grid to increase your opportunity to identify documents with potentially most relevant ideas.

Foreign languages? Most patent databases offer good translations, and we work seamlessly with their English Translations to clarify your search.

Tired of reading through irrelevant text? Introducing Search Real Fast Premium Search & Compare Texts: Your needle-finder for your Patent search haystack.
Express-V4.7 Premium Search & Compare Texts