Deliver 99.9% Metal Density at X2 Speeds | DMP Metal 3D Printing

Introducing the DMP Flex 350 Dual from 3D Systems, a metal 3D printer designed from the ground-up for demanding industries looking to deliver complex metal parts at high productivity, with 24/7 lights out operations. The DMP Flex 350 Dual and DMP Factory 350 Dual, mid-frame metal 3D printers deliver extremely dense, strong metal parts to an impressive Z-height of up to 420mm. The printers come with two high-powered, 500W lasers, bi-directional recoating and 30um, 60um, and 90um layer thickness (LT) options. Using the fastest LT90 scan set, parts can be delivered up to 50% faster than comparable single laser systems at up to 99.9% metal density