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Meeting Consumer Needs: Print Quality Management in ASEAN

Hello! Welcome to Around the World with SGK. Each session includes a short introduction from various global speakers, as well as a short video outro to share additional content from our teams around the world. Enjoy!

Print Quality Management concerns with consistency and supply chain have always existed for brand owners, but now they face additional hurdles such as reducing costs, simplifying workflow resources, and building long-term trust and relationships with overseas printers.

What else has changed and what can brands expect to see in the future.

Kimberly-Clark's ASEAN print quality expert Ahmad Nazmi Mohammad, explaining how print quality management has changed and what brands can expect in the future.​

Meenawat Tonyoopaiboon, SGK, Account Director, Thailand
Ahmad Nazmi Mohammad, Kimberly-Clark, Regional Packaging Manager, ASEAN