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How to find out what your plan covers with GroupNet – Canada Life

Find out what your benefits plan covers and how much you have left to spend. See how to look up your claim history and check the status of your claims.

View the video transcript:

Narrator: With GroupNet for plan members you can easily check your coverage, balances and claim history.
Description: Robert is sitting in a waiting room, looking at his phone. He opens the GroupNet for plan members app.
Narrator: Want to know what your plan covers?
Description: He presses the “Coverage” button in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
Narrator: Select coverage and balances,
Description: Health, drugs, vision and dental coverages are shown. He presses the “Health” coverage button.
Narrator: and you’ll see a summary of your coverages and how much you have left to spend under each one.
Description: His deductible and plan details are shown.
Narrator: If your plan includes prescription drugs, it’s also easy to find which drugs are covered.
Description: Drug benefits are shown. He fills out the drug search form for Lipitor. The results show he is covered.
Narrator: You can check on the status of your by claims, selecting Claim history.
Description: Robert presses “History” at the bottom of the screen.
Narrator: You’ll see recent online claims.
Description: His submitted claims are shown.
Narrator: And under processed claims, you can see all health, drug, vision and dental claims you’ve submitted over the past 2 years.
Description: He presses “Processed claims” at the top of the screen. He scrolls through slowly.
Narrator: Need to sort your claims by service type?
Description: Robert scrolls back up to the top of the screen.
Narrator: Select Get summary, choose what you want included and specify a time range.
Description: He presses “Create claim summary” and fills out the form. His summary is created.
Narrator: GroupNet has lots of options to help you understand your coverage.
Description: Robert looks up from his phone and stands. His name has been called in the waiting room.
Narrator: Sign into GroupNet© at canadalife.com.
Description: Text “Go to canadalife.com to sign in” appears with Canada Life logo and legal lines: ©2020 The Canada Life Assurance Company, all rights reserved. Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.