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My Par Gift life insurance – Canada Life

A one-time premium payment participating life insurance product that connects to your values and makes it easier for you to give back and make a difference.

Video transcript:

Description: This video combines stock video, animation and text on screen along with a narrator and music to talk about Canada Life My Par Gift life insurance.
Description: Video opens with a shot of an older and younger person holding hands. The Canada Life logo appears over this shot.
Narrator: Your goal of giving to charity is to make as big an impact as possible.
Description: Opening scene transitions to sliding images of women holding books in a library, then to a child hugging a medical professional in a hospital, then to a solid background. Words “Canada Life My Par Gift” appear on screen while an animated line traces a heart around the words.
Narrator: Canada Life My Par Gift life insurance helps you do that. It’s simple, unique and innovative participating life insurance.
Description: The words “simple, unique and innovative” appear on screen.
Narrator: Backed by the strength and stability of Canada Life, where charitable giving is a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy.
Description: More still photos slide across the screen including a Canada Life employee volunteer building a home, Canada Life employees cutting a ribbon, and Canada Life employees with a big cheque giving to a medical foundation. The solid background returns and the animated line starts tracing across the screen.
Narrator: My Par Gift life insurance lets you make a one-time premium payment donation that provides an immediate tax credit.
Description: The animated line draws a cheque and the words “One-time premium payment donation” appear on screen. The animated line turns into a pen signing the cheque and the words “Immediate tax credit” appear on screen.
Narrator: And that can grow into an even larger donation over the policy’s life.
Description: The animated line draws a hand holding a seedling.
Narrator: It’s also more flexible for the charity who owns and controls the policy.
Description: The animated line becomes a small tree that grows into a larger and larger tree.
Narrator: Make your mark. Donate today and grow your impact tomorrow with My Par Gift life insurance.
Description: The words “Learn more by talking to an advisor” appear on screen.
Narrator: Learn more by talking to an advisor.
Description: Canada Life logo appears along with the words: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. Canadalife.com 1-888-252-1847