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Leica iCON site v7.8 iCON site excavator – Bucket calibration and more

With the previous iCON field version, it was not possible to execute the bucket calibration through the iCON software, but with the need to use a separate the 2D system. With iCON field software v7.8, we have enabled this to be done easily in the iCON site excavator application, using a simple wizard.
In addition to this, more improvements have been introduced to improve the excavation workflows further and benefit the user. For example: The Automatic sync files to ConX, Auto-logging using 3 points on the bucket and sound notification to prevent over-digging.

Discover more iCON field software features here: https://leica-geosystems.com/products/construction-tps-and-gnss/icon-overview-software-releases