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Diversified portfolios that balance stability, income and growth while helping protect your savings from uncertain markets. Learn more: https://www.canadalife.com/investing-saving/managed-solutions/risk-managed-portfolios.html

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Description: A young woman, Hana, sits on a couch. She casually browses on her mobile phone.
Narrator: You’ve been saving for your future.
Description: She smiles as the camera slowly zooms in. Circles with icons representing retirement, education, and real estate appear above her head.
Narrator: It’s important for your investments to continue to provide long-term, stable growth to help you achieve your goals.
Description: She glances toward each one, smiling.
Narrator: But you’re uncomfortable taking on risk with all the market uncertainty.
Description: The circles pop suddenly as Hana reacts with a surprised flinch. She hunches over her phone, her face looking more concerned.
Narrator: And watching the markets takes a lot of time and energy.
Description: The room goes dark as time passes quickly. Daylight returns as Hana remains on the couch, still looking concerned at her phone.
Narrator: On top of that, you’re unsure which investments to choose.
Description: Hana, overwhelmed, pushes her hand through her hair and rests her head on her palm.
Narrator: That’s why Canada Life offers three Risk-Managed Portfolios.
Description: Camera pans as the text “Canada Life Risk-managed portfolios” appears.
Narrator: They’re all-in-one investment solutions that help you navigate uncertainty.
Description: Three portfolios appear in folders on a desk. Each portfolio has a pie graph to show its asset mix. They are labeled “Conservative income,” “Balanced” and “Growth.”
Narrator: Your advisor can help you find one that matches your unique comfort with risk, life stage and need for growth and income.
Description: Cut to an advisor sitting at her desk with the three portfolios in front of her. As she lifts the center portfolio, the screen splits and a bulleted list appears on the left. The bullets read “Comfort with risk,’’ “Life stage” and “Need for growth and income.”
Narrator: An award-winning team of knowledgeable, experienced professionals take care of day-to-day investment diversification
Description: The camera pans up as investment graphics fill the frame. Two investment managers’ hands move in and three investments are chosen to build an asset mix.
Narrator: and monitor and adjust the portfolio as the markets change.
Description: The managers’ hands adjust the risk level of each asset. As they adjust, pie graphs behind each graphic grow and shrink in response.
Narrator: At the same time, sophisticated, modern strategies help achieve growth and reduce risk,
Description: The assets combine to create a portfolio represented by a pie graph.
Narrator: keeping you in the markets, even when they’re volatile.
Description: The portfolio moves to the right. A bar graph animates onto the left of the screen and shows a steady, smooth growth over time.
Narrator: This means a smoother investment experience that will help you reach your goals.
Description: A line graph showing market volatility draws onscreen. A band appears along the graph to disregard extreme highs and lows. A label on the right appears: “Returns stay within this band.”
Narrator: With Canada Life Risk-Managed Portfolios,
Description: The camera zooms out as the cover of a portfolio folder closes. The advisor picks up the portfolio folder, leans over her desk and drops it.
Narrator: investing doesn’t have to be complicated or unpredictable.
Description: The camera follows the folder as it falls from the advisor to Hana as she catches it. She looks at it and smiles.
Narrator: To learn more, contact your advisor.
Description: Text “To learn more, contact your advisor” appears with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. canadalife.com 1-204-946-1190