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Leica Captivate v7.51: What`s new in the software release - AP20, MS60 & GNSS

1. Quickly switch the direction that the AP20 AutoPole tilt is applied, either towards the pole tip or prism, with a new hot key featured in Captivate v7.51 featured.
2. From Captivate v.7.51 onwards, you can also use the error-reducing AutoPole height function with a pole extension. Simply tell the field software that you are using the extension and it will automatically be applied when reading the pole heights.
3. Checking tunnel profiles is easier with Captivate v.751 thanks to the addition of the MS60 MultiStation band scan method in the tunnelling app.
4. Everyone working under a canopy or near buildings will be pleased to hear that the improved GNSS positioning algorithms allow a higher RTK availability of up to 30%, including higher positioning accuracy and reliability.

Find out more about the Leica Captivate Field Software: https://hxgn.biz/3xBJTPu
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