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Legal vs. Business Systems: How Modern CLM Can Turn Frenemies into Friends

The friction points between Business Systems and Legal can be numerous and can really come to a head over the issue of contracts. Both groups can feel they are working at cross purposes with one another with competing priorities causing lots of misunderstandings. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? In today’s webinar we get brutally honest by bringing together both sides, Business Systems and Legal, to hash out their differences and ultimately show how a modern contract management solution, like Malbek, can bridge the gap. We are joined by Ronak Ray, General Counsel at Pantheon, and Judist Crews, Director of Business Systems at Revalize, and they will discuss:

- Frustrations between Legal and Business Systems
- Understanding the requirements on both sides related to CLM solutions
- How a modern CLM can meet the needs of both

Webinar held 9/1/2021