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STRIKE GOLD: Elevate Prospecting with Webinars & Workshops

Get the inside track on DMI’s hottest 🔥lead machine.
Agents in DMI’s program average an extra $5-6MM in production and an extra 1312 hot leads every year… but how do they do it?

Get the ultimate tool that’ll open doors to more sales. It’s proven to work with all financial professionals – increasing production and getting more appointments than ever before.

Go behind the scenes with the woman who helps ‘run the show’ including all her top tips, pre- and post-marketing, budgeting, topics and vendors, and best practices to follow.

Contact your DMI Sales Consultant to get started or if you have questions. Or contact:
Courtney Tosone: ctosone@dmi.com
Tyrell Jensen, Vice President – Annuities: directly at 781.919.2368 / tjensen@dmi.com