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Target date funds – Canada Life

Learn how these funds help you easily invest for retirement and adjust automatically as you age. Go to www.mycanadalifeatwork.com to sign in today.

Video transcript:

Narrator: We’ve made it simple to start investing for your retirement.
Description: Monique is sitting on the couch in her living room with family, using her tablet.
Narrator: With our target date funds, all you need to do is decide when you want to retire, then select the fund closest to that year.
Description: Cut to view of the tablet. She swipes up to reveal a calendar. The calendar cycles through each year and lands on 2048.
Narrator: Let’s say you want to retire in 2048. You’d choose our 2050 target date fund.
Description: Cut to a pie chart of 2050 target date fund.
Narrator: Over the next few decades, the fund will gradually change from higher-risk to lower-risk investments.
Description: The pie chart moves to accommodate changes in risk type.
Narrator: For example, while you're still in your 30s, the fund uses higher-risk investments to help maximize growth.
Description: Cut to two line graphs, one for risk, the other for return. Age is shown from 30 to 65.
Narrator: As you get closer to your retirement, the fund uses more lower-risk investments to help protect your savings if the market falls.
Description: Both graphs start high then lower as age increases.
Narrator: A target date fund is a simple, hands-free approach to retirement savings.
Description: The frame zooms out to view Monique’s tablet and hands. Her hand swipes to reveal the My Canada Life at Work “Plans” screen with an RPP fund.
Narrator: You’ll get a mix of different investments and professional management, in one fund.
Description: She scrolls down to reveal asset mixes.
Narrator: It's practically effortless. Just choose one and relax.
Description: Return to Monique in her living room with family. She looks up from her tablet and smiles. Text “Go to mycanadalifeatwork.com to sign in today.” appears with Canada Life and design and My Canada Life at Work are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. mycanadalifeatwork.com 1-800-724-3402.