Gale + Academic Libraries: Reimagining Research and Instruction

This video is an introduction to Gale products and services for academic libraries. We collaborate with college and university librarians to collect, preserve, and organize rare content as part of our extensive collection of primary source archives and educational databases. Right now, educators are looking for new ways to provide timely, reliable content presented in a digestible format. That’s why Gale concurrently develops curriculum solutions, sample syllabi, case studies, interactive models, learning modules, and more, to enhance online and in-person instruction and maintain a seamless research experience for all. Our hope is to deliver content that has the power to transform students into thinkers and leaders in their local and global communities. As a leading provider of digital research and learning resources, Gale, a Cengage company, can help academic institutions nurture student success and inspire learners to make a real difference in the world.

Gale, here for everyone.

Gale is a global provider of research and learning resources.
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