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Overcoming Economic Uncertainty with Legal Tech

As we navigate the current economic turbulence, your organization may be considering some adjustments such as resource realignment or budget reallocation. Although economic unpredictability can be daunting, it also presents several opportunities to optimize spending and improve legal processes that have a large impact on revenue.

Securing a budget often can be a primary barrier to purchasing new enterprise tools and it can become even more of an obstacle in the midst of a recession. Thankfully, there are some powerful legal technologies that can help you quickly identify and rectify areas of revenue erosion.

Join Colin Levy, Director of Legal and Evangelist at Malbek, and Kevin Cohn, Chief Customer Officer at Brightflag, as they share their tips and best practices for using legal tech to overcome economic challenges.

Together, they’ll dive into the following topics:

- Selection: Defining your organization's legal technology needs
- Automation: Alleviating legal administrative burdens and manual tasks
- Evaluation: Using legal technology to measure business value