Say no to plastic drug cards – Canada Life

As part of a plan to be kinder to the environment, it’s time to stop making plastic drug cards by switching to the GroupNet app.

View the video transcript:

Narrator: Too much plastic is damaging our environment.
Description: Plastic garbage falls into lake.
Narrator: And we want to make a change.
Description: Fish swim by followed by a drug card.
Narrator: Last year, we produced over 1 million plastic drug cards.
Description: Stacks of drug cards pile up.
Narrator: Enough to pile twice as tall as the CN Tower.
Description: Cut to Toronto city skyline with stack of drug cards as high as the CN Tower.
Narrator: Each time a customer chooses the GroupNet app's digital cards, it helps shrink that pile.
Description: The stack starts to fall as one card flies towards the camera. Camera pans to a field of green grass. Card flies into a phone, held by a hand using the GroupNet for plan members app.
Narrator: Using the GroupNet app also reduces the need for paper claims.
Description: They press the “Make claim” button in the menu at the bottom of the screen. The “Submit claim” button is pressed and the claim is successfully submitted. As they submit, trees grow in the background.
Narrator: Moving towards an experience without paper or plastic is just the start.
Description: The camera continues to pan, and more trees grow.
Narrator: Watch for even more responsible changes that will serve our customers better.
Description: The camera slows to a lake surrounded by trees.
Narrator: Help take care of the great country we all call home
Description: Two moose emerge from the trees and drink from the lake. A fish jumps out of the water.
Narrator: and take the first step to a world with less plastic.
Description: Camera pans up to reveal Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.