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Data Center and DCI Optics: A Look Ahead

With escalating bandwidth requirements inside and between data centers, operators are looking closely at ways to solve the data center optics challenge: high-capacity, low-cost, energy-efficient optics that can be quickly and easily tested and deployed within an operating environment. A wide range of solutions has been proposed by the industry to meet these requirements, and as a result, the data center optics market has become increasingly fragmented and challenging to navigate. Supporting all these different reach, form factors, and lane technologies is especially challenging for transceiver vendors as well as test and measurement solution providers. Watch this webinar to learn more about:
• What's ahead for direct detect and coherent 100GbE, 200GbE, 400GbE, and beyond.
• How flexible rate transceivers over flex grid networks including ROADMs are being used to economically increase capacity and groom DCI traffic.
• How flexible test and measurement solutions reduce operational complexity and future-proof capital investments