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How to Support Command and Control from the Headquarters to the Battlefield: The Future of Real-Time

Today, it can take days for advanced planning before conducting defense operations, especially if they are multi-domain. If the mission has to change, several planning steps must be repeated, and if the operation is already launched, the ability to influence coordination is limited to the legacy communication methods. Speeding up the mission cycle is one of the objectives of multi-domain operations. In the future, we will see near real-time re-tasking and re-planning of assets. The use of real-time data from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sensors and other sources will enable far more proper reactions to situational changes. In the field and in widely varied environments, trustable real-time information and capabilities will be key. Technology of the future will allow high-bandwidth connection of assets in the field and headquarters, enabling visualization and analysis of data sources at any time and seamless collaboration across forces and domains. The Airbus concept for MultiDomain Combat Cloud will make the relevant information available at the right time to affected communities of interest.

The incremental approach of multi-domain operation planning and execution in a distributed cloud environment will be a key contribution to keep military superiority and sovereignty to be able to respond to the future challenges in operation.