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Measuring the Efficiency of Your Packaging Content Ecosystem

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare and other highly regulated industries. Our experience in healthcare and heritage in consumer products enables us to engage consumers with brand content that creates strong emotional connections.

Watch this on-demand webinar presented by Hope Massey, Director of Consulting AMER at SGK to learn:

- How to measure the health and efficiency of your packaging content ecosystem
- How other organizations within the Healthcare industry are performing, relating to the typical key measures of operational health
- Key opportunities for organizations to action to drive immediate efficiencies and unlock hidden capital

About Hope Massey: Hope graduated Law and is a Prince2 Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma qualified and Change Practitioner. Most recently, Hope has served Bayer, J&J & SCJ to deliver efficiencies within their global graphic supply chains. Hope has also worked on key projects including a major business change initiative incorporating Asia outsourcing, process improvement, financial analysis & modelling, cost reduction & business restructuring.