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Account Aggregation Video

The Account Aggregation feature allows you to view all your accounts within Account View, giving you a holistic view of your entire financial picture. This feature makes it easier for you and your advisor to create a more actionable and personalized plan that considers all aspects of your wealth. By linking both your investment and banking accounts, your advisor will be better equipped to assist you and gauge progress toward your financial goals.

How to Link Your Accounts
The account linking process is simple and can be completed in a few simple steps:
1. Login to your account at www.myaccountviewonline.com
2. Scroll to the “link accounts” section and click “link accounts now” to get started
3. Search for your financial institution(s)
4. Enter your credentials
5. Select the accounts to link

Login to Account View at www.myaccountviewonline.com and start linking your accounts today.