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3 Raptures Part 1

Pre Tribulation Rapture proof, but not only a Pre Trib proof, but also a Post Tribulation proof and a Post Millennial one as well! Multiple Raptures MUST occur in order to reconcile ALL the scriptures. The blessed hope must be valid for EVERYONE. I was a Post Trib believer, there is clear concise evidence that cannot be denied. However, there is so much scripture that you cannot also deny about the PRE TRIB rapture that God gave me a dream which led to a 2 years study and finally this is what was revealed to me. 3 RAPTURES must take place.
This is a 7 part narrated video series about the book that I was led to write. You can also read the book along with the video from my website at www.two.cc and it is also for sale in paperback and or kindle if you prefer to read it that way.
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