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If you’re in Private Equity and one of your portfolio companies needs a marketing turnaround, let’s talk. I’ve been CMO at ten companies. The last three, I was interim CMO. I’ve been a General Manager with a P&L. I advised or mentored over a hundred CMOs when I was at Forrester and SiriusDecisions. And I helped turnaround Marketing at seven portfolio companies. Look. PE companies don't usually buy a company because of the Marketing department. But it’s a vital function, to grow the company and get it ready for its next stage. I specialize in that. With lots of experience in both the real-world of marketing, and with the models and frameworks that’ll get you to the finish line faster. If a Marketing department languishes, it delays the company’s next growth phase. As a fractional CMO, or your advisor, (if you’re the CMO),I can help.