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Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios – Canada Life

Your investments can make a positive change for the world while also helping you reach your financial goals. Learn more about Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios: https://www.canadalife.com/investing-saving/managed-solutions/sustainable-investing-portfolio-funds.html

Video transcript:

Description: This animated video introduces a character named Ariyah to help illustrate how investing responsibly can have a positive impact on your goals and the planet.
Narrator: You want to make the world a better place. And you want your investments to do the same.
Description: Ariyah rides her bicycle to work down a busy city street.
Narrator: Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios are for you.
Description: Text “Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios” appears onscreen.
Narrator: They’re part of a type of investment called all-in-one because each portfolio is made up of several different funds
Description: Three pie graphs animate into the frame, representing the portfolio options available. The text “All in one” is broken into individual words, appearing in the middle of each graph.
Narrator: spread across different types of assets and businesses, geographic regions, and responsible investing strategies.
Description: Investment graphics fill the frame to represent assets in a portfolio.
Narrator: To align with your values,
Description: Five of the graphics align while others fade.
Narrator: and to balance the purpose of being socially conscious
Description: A line is drawn into the frame to connect the graphics. The line continues and the camera follows back to Ariya riding her bicycle.
Narrator: without giving up investment growth.
Description: She stops in front of a skyscraper. The camera pans up the building and into the clouds.
Narrator: Sustainable Portfolios invest in companies that show they care about society, the environment and their employees with the way they do business.
Description: Three squares with graphics and text animate into the frame, labelled “Environmental” “Social” and “Governance.”
Narrator: Companies trying to address important global challenges.
Description: The camera pans up, back to the skyscraper and zooms through a window. Two coworkers are shown, testing a robotic arm.
Narrator: And companies that are adopting new ways to be more responsible.
Description: The camera pans past the skyscraper to reveal a cityscape of buildings with solar panels on each rooftop.
Narrator: To help you achieve your goals, Sustainable Portfolios are built to create potential returns while understanding the risk required to achieve it. And for continued success, a large team of experts manage the funds using a sophisticated system to choose your investments.
Description: Three squares with graphics and text animate into the frame, labelled “Purpose driven” “Performance focused” and “Expert fund managers.”
Narrator: Now, you can focus on performance and be socially conscious.
Description: Cut to Ariyah standing on a rooftop patio, overlooking the city. She is surrounded by foliage and solar panels.
Narrator: Contact me to learn more about Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios.
Description: Words “Contact me to learn more about Canada Life Sustainable Portfolios.” appear onscreen with Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. canadalife.com 1-204-946-1190.”