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Everyday Challenges and Opportunities with LLMs Pre- and Post-Production

Sara Hooker - Director of Cohere for AI, Cohere
Jerry Liu - CEO and Co-founder, Llama Index
Jeff Huber - CEO and Co-founder, ChromaDB

Sree Kamireddy - VP of Product, Fiddler AI

In this panel, AI experts delved into the dynamic realm of generative AI within enterprise settings, highlighting key aspects such as the critical need for enhancing model efficiency, personalization strategies, and addressing the challenges confronting developers entering the AI domain. They also shed light on the pivotal role of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) and the importance of robust evaluation and adaptation of AI models to align with specific business needs, underscoring the blend of technological innovation with practical application.


00:00 Introductions
00:40 Potential of Enterprise Generative AI
01:05 Challenges and Opportunities in Generative AI
01:57 Importance of Efficiency and Personalization in AI
03:31 Understanding the Role of Developers in AI
05:21 Importance of Evaluation and Benchmarking in AI
06:24 New Way of Writing Software with Large Models
10:51 Impact of Streamlining RAG on AI
18:21 The Future of Fine-tuning and Personalizing Models
26:22 Understanding the Importance of Metrics in AI
41:44 The Role of Vector Databases in Generative AI
44:08 Outro


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