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Inflation – Canada Life

Learn how rising prices affect your buying power when choosing your investments.

Video transcript:

Description: This video uses animated graphics to show how inflation can affect the future performance of your investments.
Narrator: Let’s talk about inflation
Description: Words “Let’s talk about inflation” appear onscreen.
Narrator: and why it impacts how you invest.
Description: “Inflation” remains onscreen and the words “impacts how you invest.” are added.
Narrator: Inflation is a term economists use to describe rising prices for goods and services.
Description: A line drawing of an open hand with a coin floating above appears.
Narrator: You know, things you buy every day,
Description: The coin starts to fall and the hand closes. The coin lands on the hand and the thumb pops up to flip the coin into the air.
Narrator: like groceries, gasoline, restaurant meals and clothing.
Description: The camera pans up to follow the coin. It lands in the middle of the frame. Illustrated graphics appear: a paper bag of food representing groceries, gas pump for gasoline, plate with fork and knife for restaurant meals and t-shirt on a hanger for clothing.
Narrator: As prices rise,
Description: The coin moves upward again, and the camera follows with an upward arrow.
Narrator: if your income doesn’t keep up,
Description: The coin slows in the air and the arrow curves and exits to the right of the frame, representing a declining investment.
Narrator: eventually, your buying power may go down.
Description: The coin lands on a line and continues to bounce to a stack of coins.
Narrator: When it comes to investing,
Description: It lands and spins on the top of the stack.
Narrator: and especially to the money you’re putting away for retirement, inflation is important.
Description: The coin rolls off the stack and bounces out of frame.
Narrator: Even with modest inflation, in 10,
Description: Words “in 10 years” appear onscreen. The illustrated graphics of groceries, gasoline, restaurant meals and clothing return.
Narrator: 20 or 30 years, the things you need to buy in retirement may be a lot more expensive than they are today.
Description: The number “10” counts up to “20” then “30.” As the number increases, dollar signs appear beside each graphic.
Narrator: So plan ahead.
Description: Words “Plan ahead” appear onscreen.
Narrator: Choose diversified investments to help counter inflation.
Description: The frame divides, an illustrated pie graph appears on the left and a bulleted list enters the frame on the right. The first bullet reads “Choose diversified investments.”
Narrator: Monitor your investments,
Description: On the left, an illustrated magnifying glass with an exclamation point appears. A second bullet that reads “Monitor your investments” is added to the list.
Narrator: and increase your contributions when you can.
Description: An illustrated stock graphic appears on the left. A third bullet that reads “Increase contributions” is added to the list.
Narrator: Planning for inflation today will help preserve your spending power for tomorrow.
Description: The line drawing of the open hand and coin returns. The coin falls and the hand catches it on the index finger. Fade to Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. canadalife.com 1-800-724-3402.”