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Get retirement ready – Canada Life

We can help you build a plan for life after work. Learn more at http://www.canadalife.com

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Description: This video combines impactful words with footage of Canadian women close to retirement.
Narrator: You do it all.
Description: “You do it all” repeats across the screen in large text. A middle-aged woman bikes on the side of a road near a lake. Mountains appear in the distance.
Narrator: You’re unstoppable.
Description: “You’re unstoppable” repeats across the screen in large text. A mother sits on the edge of her bed holding her swaddled newborn baby.
Narrator: But when it comes to retirement, you might not feel ready because you’re worried you haven’t saved enough.
Description: A woman sits at her kitchen table, reading her statements. A stack of papers sits on the table next to her.
Narrator: But you’ve worked hard for this
Description: “You’re worked hard” repeats across the screen in large text. A nurse in a mask takes a patient’s temperature.
Narrator: and you deserve to take this next step with confidence.
Description: An athletic woman jogs down a wooden bridge in a park.
Narrator: An advisor can help you build a plan
Description: A barber smiles while talking on a cordless phone. She gives a young girl with long hair a trim.
Narrator: so you can afford the retirement you want.
Description: A surfer in a wetsuit stands on the beach at dawn, holding her surfboard.
Narrator: They’ll provide expert advice to help you choose the right investments based on your comfort with risk,
Description: A women sits at her desk, typing on a laptop. The back door of her home is open to a lush garden in the distance.
Narrator: draft a budget and ensure your family is taken care of.
Description: A mother holds up her phone to take a picture of her teenage daughter wearing a graduate cap and gown.
Narrator: It’s time to take charge of your money.
Description: A woman in tennis outfit plays pickleball on a court outside with her husband.
Narrator: Get retirement ready, your way.
Description: “Get retirement ready” repeats across the screen in large text.
Narrator: To learn more, contact your advisor.
Description : Words “To learn more, contact your advisor” appear onscreen with Canada Life logo and legal lines: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. canadalife.com 1-204-946-1190