Celosphere 2019: Process Mining for Operational Excellence in Aviation

Presenters: Mr. Philipp Grindemann, Head of Business Development & Project Management, Lufthansa

The whole of an airline’s operations (flight, ground, technical) is characterized by complex and global processes. One example is the aircraft turnaround between two flights. Dozens of activities like fueling, de-boarding/boarding, catering, cleaning etc. take place in parallel or in sequence. Our goal at Lufthansa is to achieve operational excellence and therefore continuously improve our processes. Not only will this mean higher quality for customers (higher punctuality), but higher production efficiency. As Celonis delivers a digital twin for parts of our organization, it is an integral part of our continuous process improvement program.
This session will focus on:
• Setup for our “ground operation / operation steering” and “technical operation” processes
• High-level organizational set-up
• An agile way of work
• Challenges we experienced
• Our ongoing transformation and continuous improvement process
• Improvements in passenger quality
Intended audience:
• Interested in transformation of organizations with complex processes
• Interested in process mining for operational processes
• Interested in newly connected processes to Celonis
• Interested in an agile way of work