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GRS Access – Canada Life

Get a clear picture of your retirement, set a goal and track it with GRS Access. Sign in to get started: https://ssl.grsaccess.com

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Description: An illustrated minibus van with a surfboard drives into frame. A laptop moves in, van appears onscreen. A small yacht appears as the van drives away.
Narrator: Get a clear picture of your group retirement and savings plan with GRS Access.
Description: The GRS Access “Overview” page fills the screen displaying balance, plans, investment growth and goal calculator. Navigation appears on the left, listing “Overview,” “Plans,” “Contributions,” “Statements” and “Tools and resources” pages.
Narrator: Start by quickly viewing your balance
Description: Camera zooms into the balance section. The overall portfolio counts in, finishing on $135,945.
Narrator: and growth.
Description: Camera pans down to a line graph of investment growth, it rises from $0 in 2010 to $135,945 today.
Narrator: Then set a goal
Description: Camera zooms out to reveal the dashboard again, a cursor moves into frame to select “Set up my goal” on the goal calculator.
Narrator: Estimate how much you’ll need in retirement—personalized for you.
Description: A window opens that reads: “Let’s set a retirement income goal.” Cursor clicks “Get started.” It continues to click through five steps: “Age,” “Expenses,” “Savings,” “Income” and finishes with “Results.”
Narrator: We’ll even suggest how you can get there.
Description: In the “Results” section, a shortfall is indicated. Cursor adjusts the monthly contributions to reach the retirement goal. A congratulations message appears, “Estimates show you’re on track to reach your goal.” Cursor clicks “Save my goal” to close the window.
Narrator: Get a breakdown by plan
Description: Camera zooms out to reveal the “Plans” page on the laptop and phone. “RPP,” “TFSA” and “RRSP” plans appear along the top. The asset mix of the Registered pension plan is shown.
Narrator: Or dive into each fund.
Description: Each fund is displayed in the RPP asset mix.
Narrator: See how you can contribute
Description: Camera zooms back into laptop. Cursor clicks the “Contributions” page. 5% each pay period is being saved. Cursor moves to click “Edit amount.”
Narrator: and edit the amount if your plan allows.
Description: The bi-weekly contribution is changed to $200. Cursor clicks “Save.” A window opens that reads “Pre-authorized contribution saved!”
Narrator: Download a recent statement
Description: Cursor moves to click the “Statements” page. Statements from 2020 and 2019 are shown by quarter.
Narrator: or create one for a specific time period.
Description: Camera pans to reveal “Custom statements” where start and end dates are typed into a form. Cursor clicks “Create,” and a pop-up appears to indicate that the statement is ready.
Narrator: Everything is at your fingertips.
Description: Cursor moves to click the “Tools and resources” page. Camera zooms out to show the laptop.
Narrator: Your financial future just got easier to build!
Description: An illustration of two hot air balloons appear on the laptop screen. One balloon starts to float out of the laptop. Camera follows it out of frame.
Narrator: Sign in to GRS Access now and get started.
Description: Text “Sign in to GRS Access now.” appears with Canada Life logo and legal lines: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. candalife.com 1-800-724-3402