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Zurich City Police Integrates More than 30 Agencies with Hexagon Solutions

Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is committed to maintaining their reputation as one of the safest and most livable cities in the world. Collaboration between city organizations is key to providing the safety their 400,000 residents expect.

Modern public safety solutions like Hexagon’s Mobile Responder enable Zurich City Police to provide information previously available only in the command center to officers in the field, resulting in officers that are better informed and better prepared when they arrive on site.

In addition, Zurich uses Hexagon’s incident management solutions to create LAFIS, a system that provides a common operating picture to more than 30 different city agencies and organizations. LAFIS enables these agencies to work together with a single purpose and coordinate across jurisdictions during major events.

Connected systems, increased collaboration, and greater intelligence in operations all result in a safer, smarter Zurich.