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'Income Summit' Session 3: SOLUTION

Income Summit Session 3: The Solution
Watch Andy Robertson walk you through the solutions of Retirement Income Planning including:
• Retirement Optimization Sales Tools
• Managing Money for Income vs Growth
• Putting Your Knowledge to Work – Turn Key
• The DMI Advantage, including marketing tips, discounts, & possible reimbursements

Welcome to OCS training for Income Planning: Opportunity, Challenge, & Solution.

The financial planning world is going through radical changes today. Changes where those who specialize in areas like retirement income planning will truly set themselves apart from their generalist counterparts.

Get the training you need to evolve before you become extinct.

Contact your DMI Sales Consultant to get started or if you have questions. Or contact Derek Easdon, Vice President – Annuity Sales, directly at 781.919.2344 / deasdon@dmi.com.

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