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5 Rules for Building Responsibility into Your Business Model

Hello! Welcome to Around the World with SGK. Each session includes a short introduction from various global speakers, as well as a short video outro to share additional content from our teams around the world. Enjoy!

Covid-19 has fast-forwarded the need for brands to integrate responsibility into their business model. Neutrality is no longer an option. In a time of immense turmoil, consumers are increasingly trusting brands that take a stance and deliver on societal and environmental issues.

We have entered the second age of responsibility, when brands are expected not only to compensate for negative impact, but to contribute to a better future. And to make it in a way that is true to the brand, and relevant to their uncompromising audiences.

Discover how.

Anne-Sophie Royer, SGK, Chief Strategy Officer
Maya Laborde, SGK, Strategy