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3 Trends in Experiential Marketing: Engaging Authentically​

Hello! Welcome to Around the World with SGK. Each session includes a short introduction from various global speakers, as well as a short video outro to share additional content from our teams around the world. Enjoy!

Come along as we dig into 3 trends in brand marketing: the evolution of spaces, the acceleration of digital, and conscious capitalism.

Moderator Caroline Kim and panelists Nate Dickman, Michael Mele, Christina Frayne, and Clay Kippen share their POVs and examples of these trends and how they influence the way brands interact with consumers in a changing world.​

Caroline Kim, SGK, VP, Strategy & Research, Americas (Moderator)
Nate Dickman, SGK, Associate Creative Director
Christina Frayne, SGK, Senior Strategy Director
Clay Kippen, SGK Creative Lead
Michael Mele, SGK, Group Client Director