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My Term life insurance – Canada Life

Simple and affordable coverage for big expenses, so you’re protected when it matters most. Visit www.canadalife.com/insurance/life-insurance/term-life-insurance to learn more.

View the video transcript:

Description: This animated video introduces a character named Amira to help illustrate how term life insurance can meet your budget and needs.
Narrator: We all have someone or something worth protecting.
Description : Amira stands outside with her husband and daughter.
Narrator: A family, a home, a business.
Description: Three graphics enter frame illustrating a family of three, single-story home and small business.
Narrator: Canada Life My Term™ life insurance provides protection tailored to your needs and what you can afford.
Description: A shield graphic enters frame. The family, home and small business graphics move within the shield.
Narrator: An advisor can help you figure out how much insurance coverage you require, and
Description: A form field appears to show a coverage amount of “$500,000.” Amira’s hand enters frame and presses a plus button beside the field. Her coverage increases to “$650,000.”
Narrator: the length of your term – any number of years from 5 to 50.
Description: Cut to bar graph displaying length of “MyTerm” coverage from 0 to 50 years. The bar begins at 5 and counts up to 50. Amira’s hand enters frame to choose a 6-year initial term.
Narrator: Payments will stay the same over the entire chosen term for easy budgeting.*
Description: Cut to Amira outside, sitting on the porch of her home, looking at her phone. Her daughter passes by, riding a scooter. She receives a notification that her insurance payment has been received. A legal line appears: *Payments stay the same as long as you make required insurance payments.
Narrator: When the initial term ends,
Description: An outline of a circle labelled “Initial term” appears to show the progression of time. A dollar sign is displayed in the middle of the circle. The circle fills in to complete the initial term.
Narrator: your coverage automatically renews each year.
Description: The circle continues to fill in again as the “Initial term” label switches to “Year 1 renewal” and the dollar sign grows slightly bigger. The renewal completes and continues for “Year 2 renewal” and “Year 3 renewal. The dollar sign continues to grow.
Narrator: If your needs change, you have options.
Description: Cut back to the MyTerm bar graph displaying Amira’s 6-year initial term.
Narrator: You can extend your coverage to a longer term
Description: The bar continues, counting up from 6 to 16 years.
Narrator: or convert it to a permanent insurance policy.
Description: The bar continues to span across the frame, transforming into “Permanent” insurance and “Lifetime” coverage.
Narrator: If you die, term insurance can be used to pay debts,
Description: Cut to Amira’s hand passing an envelope to her husband.
Narrator: like a mortgage,
Description: A graphic enters frame illustrating the cost of a single-story home.
Narrator: cover final expenses,
Description : A second graphic enters frame illustrating a small plant to indicate leaving a legacy.
Narrator: provide future income to your family,
Description: A third graphic enters, illustrating a family of three.
Narrator: or even help keep a business running.
Description: The last graphic is added to illustrate a small business.
Narrator: Canada Life My Term life insurance helps you protect what matters most.
Description: Cut to Amira, playing with her daughter in her living room, while her husband reads a book.
Narrator: Connect with an advisor to see which options work best for you.
Description: Text “Connect with an advisor to see which options work best for you” appears with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design and Canada Life My Term are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. canadalife.com 1-888-252-1847