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CLM Webinar Part 1 - Signs You Might Have a Contract Management Challenge

We are delighted to be kicking off a new 6-part webinar series called “Pulling Back the Curtain: Things You Ought to Know When Choosing a CLM Partner and a Solution”. The goal of this series is to help you through the complex journey of addressing the contract challenges you may be facing today in your organization. By bringing together contract experts with operational, legal, and technological backgrounds, we will be covering the most important contract management areas in a way that simplifies the issues and makes sense for what you need.

Thank you to our panel of contract management experts:
Stephanie Corey - Co-founder of Uplevel Ops https://uplevelops.com/
Matt Patel - COO of Malbek https://malbek.io/
Teju Desphande - CEO of Oya Solutions https://oyasolutions.com/