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Petcare Trends in 2021

Hello! Welcome to Around the World with SGK. Each session includes a short introduction from various global speakers, as well as a short video outro to share additional content from our teams around the world. Enjoy!

Intro: Interview with client, Pinlive (0:00 - 10:50)
Main Session: Petcare Trends in 2021 (10:50 - 24:21)
Outro: Experience the Meaning of Gifting in APAC (24:21 - 51:26)

Ever wonder what a luxury pet hotel is like? From pet technology to pet wellness, join us on an exciting adventure as we outline the top trends to watch out for in 2021. BYOT (bring your own treats)!

Anne Kernahan, SGK, General Manager, Singapore
Samantha Ong, SGK, Design Director, Singapore